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Now Improved for Even Better Anti-Aging Benefits
The same Revaléskin® products known for healthy, beautiful skin now include new Botanical Complex™ – a unique blend of botanical extracts that offers the most diverse profile of plant antioxidants found in the cosmeticeutical industry. With a more diversified antioxidant profile, Botanical Complex™ offers a wider spectrum of free radical scavenging capacity and synergistic effect.

Why “Broad Spectrum” Antioxidants?
Remember: Free Radicals are “Agents of Aging”
We have heard of “broad spectrum” sunscreens; now we apply the same logic when using anti-aging antioxidants on the skin. One antioxidant cannot offer all forms of protection on every level of the skin and cells; this protection leads to direct visible anti-aging results. No single antioxidant protects the entire body – rather, each one has protective properties for a particular body part or function. Broad spectrum antioxidants provide the best possible protection against free radical damage. We need various antioxidants, all doing different jobs to protect our skin in more ways than one – a synergistic blend to offer high protection. A single antioxidant exposed to a free radical may become a free radical itself. Multiple antioxidants can provide continual neutralization until the free radical is totally neutralized.
Free Radicals
Botanical Complex™
Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Blend
Botanical Complex™ is a new powerful, potent anti-aging skincare complex based on a combination of plant extracts derived from fruits and spices that maximizes antioxidant polyphenol and flavonoid diversity. It provides a broader free radical scavenging oxidative stress protection capacity when compared to any single source plant derived extract and offers a synergistic combination of antioxidants (botanical extracts derived from fruit and spices).

Free Radicals
Includes flavonoids, polyphenols and other potent antioxidants:
Anthocyanins Scoparin Epigallocatechin Chlorogenic Acids
Proanthocyanidins Vitamin C Epicatechin Gallate Tannins
Homoorientin Vitamin B Epicatechin Curcumininoids
Orientin Vitamin E Kaempferol Pyrogallol
Taxifolin Resveratrol Quercetin Protocatechuic Acid
Deoxyhexose Catechins Myricetin Coumaric Acid
Isovitextin Epigallocatechin Gallate Gallic Acid Oligomeric Proanthoyanidins

Botanical Complex™

Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Blend